Google Ads


Increase Your Leads & Sales Immediately
64.6% of consumers click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product online.

Now, more than ever, businesses should invest in pay-per-click search engine advertising to boost their digital presence.
To find services or products, Customers use google search, and if your business does not appear up in search engine results, they won’t find you. With more and more companies understanding the significance of ranking highly on search results pages, the PPC advertising landscape has become more competitive than ever, making it challenging to navigate without expert help.

• Quickest way to increase traffic, leads, and sales
• Thorough optimization to increase the rank
• Access new markets.
• Best advertising channel for new products, mobile app, and eCommerce.

Google Ads campaigns gain you immediate traffic and ultimately, generate more leads and sales. We’re specialized in Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Remarketing, YouTube Ads, and the Google Display Network.
Our specialists can develop the right strategy to drive relevant traffic to your website and convert them into leads and sales through optimized landing pages.

• Competitive Research:

Research and analysis of the competitors’ online advertising activities, the target audience, and the keywords is our first step.

• Campaign Setup:

from the creation of the Google Ads account, ads design, and target audience selection to the creation of the lead forms and landing pages, we handle all aspects to manage a successful campaign.

• Campaign Management:

To ensure the maximum profit for your campaign while keeping your return on investment (ROI) high, we pay attention to cost per click, ads keywords selection, best advertising networks, and everything else involved.

• Monitoring & Reporting:

To measure the ad performance we use tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, enabling us to have full details about the campaign’s status, clicks, conversion rate,), Avg CPC (cost per click), CTR (Click-through Rate) and total spent.