An experienced creative team offering graphic design services for businesses to enhance their brand messages.
Tk Hive offers a wide range of corporate identity designs and full graphic design services to assist businesses in establishing their brand positioning in their target industry.

Enhance your brand messages through our experienced creative graphic designers.

TK Hive offers a variety of corporate identity designs as well as full graphic design services to help businesses build their brand positioning in their industry.

Our graphic designers will collaborate with you to create high-quality designs based on your unique requirements. Providing you the ability to speak to your target audience through empowering visual designs.

We provide professional graphic design services from logo design to advertisements, presentation folders, brochures trade show booth displays, character design, and corporate packages.


Branding is the key to achieving success. However, far too many organizations are unaware of its strategic significance. To achieve effective marketing that yields results, it’s essential for your business to have a consistent appearance and feel across all customer touchpoints. We're here to assist you in achieving your goals.

• Modern and creative logo for your business
• Branding that empowers you to stand out from the crowd
• A strategic approach towards brand redesigning

Our Graphic Design Process


The tone of the project is established by the creative brief. It’s the first and, most likely, most important step in the visual design process. During this stage, we collect data on:

  • Company details
  • Brand guidelines
  • Target audience


Upon receiving a brief introduction from the client, we dive into all available materials and begin our study. Our skilled designers will gather information on rivals, points of differentiation, market, audience, trends, and prospects during this phase.


We’ll come up with 2-4 design concepts that make sense and are a perfect match for the direction we’ve determined on during the brief and research stages of the graphic design process.
You will have the opportunity to study the concepts chosen and provide feedback, which will be incorporated in the following step.


After presenting the concept and receiving approval, we can go on to the actual design phase of the graphic design process, which concludes in the delivery of two or more final versions of the design. We are assured that our designs will fulfil the client’s requirements and present the desired content in a clear, concise, and cohesive manner.


After the client selects one of the final designs, we finalize it for production and or publishing if required..

Corporate Identity Design Process


Research is a crucial step in the brand identity design process. without a roadmap, we won`t be able to develop a logo or the overall look and feel for your brand.

Research allows us to immerse ourselves in the future of your business and its brand as well as understand the unique characteristics that may influence its success. We will ask you questions about firm history, target audience, and future goals, as well as discover your competitors and perform a full SWOT analysis of your business.


We’ll come up with 2-4 logo concepts that make sense and are a great fit with the direction we’ve developed in the discovery phase of the identity design process. You will be able to review the selected concepts and provide feedback which will be incorporated in the following step.

Concepts are presented as separate elements (logo design, fonts, color scheme, etc.). Based on the client’s feedback, we refine the chosen idea until the final approval is received.


When the logo is ready, and the client has chosen the color palette, it’s time to put them all together in a harmonic corporate style and show the world your outstanding brand identity; We can build and present your brand through various elements like:

  • Business cards & letterheads
  • Envelopes & folders
  • Social media


We finished the artwork. The visual material is complete. The last task for us is to make sure that our client will use all the assets properly. Brand guidelines provide instructions about right and wrong ways to use the graphics created for the brand. Traditionally, the procedure includes explaining the idea of standing behind a logo and presenting a corporate color palette to use for different purposes. It can be useful to demonstrate examples of incorrect usage to avoid poor visual performance.


Your corporate identity is ready to show the world how awesome you are, we can apply our branding experience to all aspects of your visual communication, starting with your advertisement, brochure, website, and across all your media.

We will design your branding material in harmony with your core values and project help you standout in a crowded marketplace.



One of the first things people see when they come across your business is your logo.


It is vital that your logo portrays your business in the correct way, leaving a lasting impression and engaging your audience.


The logo is merely the start of developing a quality brand identity. our team of creative experts will design all supporting graphics, such as stationery, brochures, and websites




We have a group of professional printers on hand who can provide you with high-quality printed materials you’ll be proud of. This includes both lithographic and digital printing for branded stationery and brochures, as well as short-run marketing promotions. To produce a fantastic end result, we combine the skills of a creative graphic design agency with exceptional print quality.


Packaging design


we are capable of providing you with unique and creative pieces of art, making sure you land ahead of your competitors.

Choose between various categories of photography:

• Architecture & Real Estate
• Product Photography
• Fashion
• Landscape
• Aerial
• Sports
• Events
• Press & Magazines .. Etc.

Engage your audience and drive growth for your business by creating compelling videos

Our video services start with you. We’ll collaborate with you to figure out your needs, goals, and the most effective way to communicate your message.

Whether you seek a business or corporate video, a short promotional video, an animated explainer, or educational video. our team will guide you from concept to completion.

when you're ready. We’ll sketch out the storyboards and a pre-production timeline that outlines your promotional video or corporate video strategy

Our Process


In this stage we sketch out ideas and writing a treatment. Who is your target audience? What messages do you need to convey?
Once the audiences are identified and essential touch points became clear so too do the best visual language tools to engage with. A brief will become a script, and a script can turn into a storyboard, which translates into the final piece


What about 4k cameras and lenses? sliders and gimbals? We want your video to stand out. This could include anything from time-lapse of events and places, interviews with key influencers, personnel, and clients, to drone footage of your building, or slow motion. We’ll work on a sensible shooting schedule which is professional and works around your business.


Its all about putting your concept into action when it comes to video editing, we will bring the footage into postproduction, where one of our video editors will create a well edited piece which dovetails simple or complex graphical elements with a voice over, music, a voice o and all your recorded footage, taking all the acquired elements into the mix. As the video begins to take shape, you’ll make decision about where and when it is seen.


In a digital age, your footage can travel halfway around the world in a millisecond, but for those who still need pressed copies, we can arrange as many copies of your program as you need. We can also assist you in video placement and promotion, and how to reach as many people as possible


  • Video shooting
  • VFX (2D & 3D Motion graphic, Visual Effects, and Info)