Content Marketing


Content is a great way to reach out to your target market, but it needs guidance and direction in order to be successful and resonate with your audience.

Content marketing is the creation, publishing of content and sharing it through multiple channels to build trust and awareness for your business. A thorough content strategy will assist you acquire more website traffic through search visibility and can increase your authority in your industry.

Informative, Quality, and well-structured content will make the visitors engaged with your website, furthermore, encourage them to stay for longer periods to learn more about your services or products.

• Companies who provide helpful information as part of their marketing are 60% more likely to get the sale versus those who do not.

• 75% of people are more likely to do business with a company who regularly produces new content.

• 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom-written content.

• Keyword research

• Content gap analysis

• Content optimization

Your target audience needs original and informative content that is more valuable and richer.

No matter what type of content you use, it has to be digestible information, whether presented in visual content like an infographic, a video, memes, podcasts, or a short report or on the web page, an article, a blog post, or Content is for awareness

• It’s about your business

• Quality content generates leads

Content is your brand voice, and it`s an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. Sharing content through the proper marketing channels can lead to exciting new opportunities for your business.

• Lower costs. content marketing is far cheaper than any form of traditional marketing.

• Increased visibility. Visibility will be increased through search engines to more potential customers based on the search terms that you target.

• Better user interaction. Useful content will assist you lower bounce rates and increase time spent on a page.

• Link building and social sharing. Great content means creating the opportunity to be linked to and shared across social platforms.

• More leads. Content marketing can generate 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing.

• More traffic. More traffic to your website the higher rankings it gets, more inbound links and social shares.

• Build brand awareness. build brand awareness using content and has the potential to establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

We specialize in assisting clients develop content that hits the spot to drive engagement and land new business. Content is not a selling tool; it is used to attract new users and increase your brand awareness. Behind every successful piece of content is a strong strategy built on a careful planning to ensure it meets the requirements of the user.

Whether you need content to get your social media to sizzle or boost your SEO, content is an essential part of your overall marketing plan. Therefore, we know how to design content, do keyword and competitor research to determine audience need, and create original, captivating material that can be disseminated through the right channels. Similarly, we can help with updating and enhancing current content to increase its SEO value.

The success of content depends on the strategy behind it. Planning and creating cross channel content, in a variety of formats is what is required to get your brand heard. From podcasts to video, whitepapers to guest posts, the real value of content is formulating a structured strategy to reach new audiences and to entice existing ones.

We collaborate closely with businesses to assist them in developing a successful strategy, as well as taking stock of their content marketing efforts on a regular basis and changing the plan to match with your goals and the needs of your audience. We can offer you with a whole marketing plan, from initial research through public relations and continuous content development.

At Tk Hive, we provide everything you need when it comes to content marketing as we offer a full range of content marketing services.

• Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

We assist you to understand the marketing situation around your business. Our competitive analysis will provide you with a full understanding of your competitors’ strengths and how you can improve your visibility. We will explore the content gaps, formulate a strategy to help you grow and give integrate with your SEO efforts.

• Content for Your social media

Build an audience and brand awareness and increase the number of visitors to your site through a tailored social media content strategy

• Photography & Video

Our video and photography services will offer a new dimension to your digital marketing strategy. Media helps garner interest and allows you to easily convey your brand’s message.

• Copywriting & Content Creation

Our in-house content writing experts can provide you with freshly written copy, and we can optimize, review, and update existing website content to ensure it performs well in the search rankings.